Trixy Lochner (March 2023)

I found the sessions extremely relaxing and although I hadn’t mentioned experiencing digestive issues to Anneke, most symptoms went away completely. My anxiety levels are much lower than prior to starting the sessions, and I am better able to focus calmly on the things I need to get done.

Sandra B ( February 2023)

Anneke is very calm and professional. I have found a place of peace, and calm. I would strongly recommend tuning fork therapy to anyone suffering from anxiety. In my opinion nothing sort of a miracle.

Bridget Dilkes (January 2023)

Anneke is very professional and caring, I felt I could relax and trust her completely. I found the sessions very beneficial; and I even slept better at night.

Kate Berincchi ( October 2022)

Anneke was a great listener, and conducted the sessions very attentively. Her manner was very gentle, so it was easy to relax fully and trust her.

Paul Prins (November 2022)

The sessions helped me manage my anger better, and the healing, relaxing sounds made me feel whole, safe and loved.

Catherine Welsh (August 2022)

I found the Sound Healing incredibly soothing and grounding. It's clear that Anneke is practising her 'calling' - she is compassionate and non-judgemental, as well as knowledgeable about her craft. Highly recommended.

Lisa. V (May 2022)

Anneke is a beautiful soul and a gentle, compassionate healer who really is in tune with what she does. I thoroughly enjoyed my first sound healing therapy session and felt so calm & relaxed for the rest of the day. I will definitely be back for more! Thank you so much Anneke ❤

Suki Antonia ( March 2022 )

I found Anneke to be nothing less than the most beautiful, appropriate soul for such healing work. Her nature, voice, presence and energy offers a safe, soft space for healing, whether the sessions unravel vulnerability, humour, or any layers in between. She oozes unconditional love and acceptance for all life.

Dom Duval (March 2022)

Anneke possesses a wide range of knowledge which she was skillfully able to articulate so that she is easily understood. She imparts her knowledge and time with empathy, with good listening skills, through measured enquiry, by offering practical advice and solutions, and with care.

Lindy Taverner (August 2021)

I thoroughly enjoyed my sessions, and they had a dramatic influence on my life. My healing was accelerated, and I felt my creativity was unblocked. I thought the sound healing was incredible

Jennifer de Villiers (September 2021)

Anneke, you are a good listener, and a kind and professional healing practitioner. Your healing energy is strong and clear and succinct.

Vanessa Nucci (October 2021)

After each session, I felt lighter emotionally, and joyous. I felt safe in Anneke’s space to open up about my past. Anneke makes for a kind, gentle, warm and compassionate healer’

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